The InterNātional Indigenous Initiative for Transformative Collaboration (INITC)




The InterNātional Indigenous Initiative for Transformative Collaboration (INITC) exists to help create spaces that engender and allow for InterNātional participation in the sharing and exchange of knowledge, experiences, cultural practice and cultural expression. Inter-cultural and Inter-faith events; retreats, conferences, festivals, seminars, presentations, research projects, documentaries or publications; all comprise a unique opportunity to embed this process within a larger global framework.

Our hope is to help define spaces where we no longer dwell on the impossible, but instead allow for all that is possible. Through conversations and collaborative efforts with First Nations, educational institutions, NGO’s, community organizations, and wider community members, INITC proposes that this widening of perspective allows for personal and cultural transformation through the recognition of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual change, critical to genuine collaboration between diverse peoples.

As a co-defined First Nations format and process for sharing cultural perspectives and practice, an underlying notion is the recognition that we all come from many Nations, sovereign in their own right. Thus, the product of our collective and collaborative efforts may be described as InterNātional (pronounced Inter-Nātional).

INITC is a 501(c)3 organization

All INITC and Stories and Songs of the People events are absolutely 100% Alcohol and Substance Free.